Jun 19 2017

Welcome to Multiregion’s newest CC: The Chaplaincy Institute!

Welcome to URI, Chaplaincy Institute! The Chaplaincy Institute (ChI) trains interfaith leaders in spiritual direction, chaplaincy and spiritual service. The institute and its community is described as “infused with a spirit of harmonious living among peoples and respect for the diversity of all creation. Since 1999, we have dedicated ourselves to bringing new models of spiritual leadership and creative ministry to promote religious peace and understanding.” The part of Chaplaincy Institute that us joining us here in the Multiregion is... Read more »

Feb 15 2017

Touching the Untouchables” Reflections from an Animal Chaplain

Walking down the street, I see a dog that is looking to someone to drop a piece of food. I stop, sit down, make some noises for it to come to me. I give it a cookie and begin to pet it. I notice how people begin to look at me. I continue on down the street, noticing a Cow. I offer a cookie and begin petting. It is thoroughly enjoying the good neck scratch. Again... Read more »

Aug 28 2008

International Day of Peace & The Trail of Dreams Team

The Trail of Dreams World Peace Walkers Celebrate the International Day of Peace (September 21, 2008,) by calling on their Global Family to Plant a PEACE Tree in their communities around the world. September 21, 2008 is the International Day of Peace. The Trail of Dreams World Peace Walkers invites you to participate with us on Sunday the 21st of September, in a global tree planting ceremony. We are asking our friends and family to plant... Read more »

Jun 03 2008

Join Me in Preparation for the Summer Solstice

From May 31st to June 20th , I have been called to go on a juice and water fast in preparation for all that is ahead for the Trail of Dreams World Peace Walk. We have a lot of ground to cover between now and April 2009. I, therefore, seek to prepare myself to be in a position to affect the greatest possible outcome for the walk and for humanity. Never on the planet are the... Read more »

Mar 07 2008

Invitation for Spring Equinox

The Trail of Dreams World Peace Walkers invite you to join us on March 20, 2008 at 6pm to celebrate the Spring Equinox with us. The Spring Equinox, or Vernal Equinox is the time when the day and night are approximately equal. Many religions and traditional societies have holy days related to this astronomical occurrence. We, the Trail of Dreams Wold Peace Walkers, send out a call to all of our interfaith, inter cultural, intergenerational communities... Read more »

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