Multiregion's Relationship to the United Religions Initiative (URI)

Multiregion is one of eight administrative regions of the United Religions Initiative (URI), a grassroots, decentralized network for peace and social change that enhances local initiative through global connections. 

Seven of URI's regions are subdivisions of the globe: Africa, Asia, Europe, Middle East and North Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean, Southeast Asia and the Pacific, North America. The 8th region is global and is called the Multiregion. The Multiregion includes groups who either have members in more than one region or are focused on issues or topics that are global in scope. The Multiregion creates a supportive environment to build relationships and strengthen local identity as part of a global peacebuilding community. Together we offer opportunities for connection and in-depth dialogue, provide training, and enhance mutual exchange among groups pursuing common themes. 

About the United Religions Initiative

The United Religions Initiative (URI) is the world’s largest grassroots interfaith peacebuilding network with 824 member groups in 97 countries worldwide. We cultivate and connect grassroots change-makers across religious, cultural and geographic boundaries, harnessing their collective power to take on religiously motivated violence and social, economic and environmental crises that destabilize regions and contribute to poverty.

The Birth of URI

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“If the nations of the world are working together for peace through the UN, then how can the religions of the world be brought together for a similar purpose?” From this inspiration beginning in 1995, a vision took shape to create a grassroots organization whereby people of diverse faiths from all sectors of society would cooperate to build peace and justice for all. Between 1996 and 2000, people from diverse religions, spiritual expressions and indigenous traditions worked together to create the URI Charter. Today, thousands of people around the world bring their unique talents to URI to create profound actions of care, compassion, cooperation, education, and peacebuilding. Learn more about the global URI organization by visiting

The Heart of URI

At the heart of URI is a global network of locally organized “Cooperation Circles,” or CCs. Each Cooperation Circle is a local, national, trans-national or virtual group that includes at least 7 members representing at least 3 different religions, spiritual expressions or indigenous traditions. Circles organize around local needs and visions in accordance with the Preamble, Purpose and Principles of URI. These grassroots organizations are supported and served by eight URI regions around the globe, of which Multiregion is one.

URI Timeline